Copenhagen SluseholmenVisiting Copenhagen, then take the time to visit the city’s canal-neighborhood, Sluseholmen, which continues to be an inspiration for urban planners and architects. Since 2006, this residential area of Copenhagen’s South Harbor, has blossomed from a group of hopeful pioneers into a diverse community. With its distinctive facades and maritime references Sluseholmen is naturally compared with the districts, Java and Borneo in Amsterdam, which is not surprising as it was the Dutch architect, Sjoerd Soeters responsible for the masterplan. Today, Sluseholmen is a popular residential neighborhood that is slowly, but surely establishing an urban identity that Copenhagen can be proud of.

Copenhagen Sluseholmen

Your local guide

Phillip, a local resident of Sluseholmen, has followed its development intensely since moving here in 2006 and passionately shares his experiences of this emerging neighborhood.

What we’ll do.
Walk along the canals and wharfs and visit the residential islands and hear the stories behind them.

What Phillip will provide.
Coffee at the local café is included.

Who can come.
All guests are welcome.

Where will we meet.
At the harbor bus-stop 992/991.

2 hours.

English or Danish.

From Thursday to Sunday.

Price per person.
300 Dkr. Payment by Mobilepay or cash.

Booking requests:
Thursdays to Sundays. Between 10am – 4pm.
Please send a message with your request. Response time within 24 hours.