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Sluseholmen: Work In Progress

CPH City & Port Development recently released aerial views of Copenhagen’s harbor that are not only stunning, but show the progress of the city’s residential projects, especially in Sluseholmen and Teglholmen. Indeed, South Harbor’s skyline is now punctuated by that most blessed of sights, the building crane, with extensive development in Sluseholmen’s southern area and Teglholmen […]
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Sharing Copenhagen´s Waterfront Run Trail With World Wide WordPress 5km 2015

As part of the Automattic’s Worldwide WordPress 5km 2015 run initiative this week, I would like to share my own corner of Copenhagen’s waterfront, ideal for running as there isn´t a traffic light in sight. The run starts in Copenhagen’s new hip neighborhood, Sluseholmen. From there you simply follow the waterfront trail enjoying the morning mist […]
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Copenhagen: Living On The Water

Growing up in the East Midlands in the UK, I always longed for the sight of a shimmering horizon, where sea met sky. Years later in Copenhagen, I have salt water in touching distance. It may not be the open sea kissing rolling sand dunes, but the harbor and it´s squawking seagulls will do. We are […]
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