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Stefansgade & Jægersborggade: Faith Restored

On a recent trip to San Francisco, I was fascinated by the influx of quality colonial corner stores focusing on local organic products combining deli and café services, all with their own brand of neighborhood personality and style. Arriving back in Copenhagen, I was baffled and somewhat dismayed about the lack of selection of the […]
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Rosenvængets Allé: Hidden, but not forgotten

Trying to find that one street that captures a neighborhood´s identity can be both exhilarating and exhausting for any new traveller to any city for the first time. There are  streets that embody a neighborhood´s character, like Elisabeth Street in London´s Belgravia resembling an elegant urban village or Rosa Luxemburg Strasse in Berlin´s hip Mitte showing off […]
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Spelt and Grüner, a perfect match

The last few years, Copenhagen has witnessed  a blossoming of artisan bakeries providing more than your average slice of white bread. The majority of Copenhagen´s neighborhoods have now their own local bakeries cum cafés serving high quality breads, often organic. The master baker, Chad Robertson from San Francisco, has thankfully inspired a new generation of […]
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