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A Copenhagen Icon: H. C. Ørstedsværket

It’s a race against time as the sun is sinking and H.C. Ørsted Power Station’s shadows are as black as the coal that once fueled its furnaces and photographing this Herculean building is not only challenging, but feels forbidden. For as long as I can remember, H.C. Ørsted Power Station has dominated South Harbor’s skyline. The deep red […]
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Karens Minde: Bridging The Gap In South Harbor

Copenhagen’s South Harbor, has for the last 10 years witnessed major development projects that have transformed a static harbor and waterfront into a thriving residential and commercial area. Teglholmen and Sluseholmen are still undergoing expansion, but both neighborhoods still attract world-wide attention from an audience willing to learn from Copenhagen’s experiences in urban planning and […]
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