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Urban Rigger Afloat

A northerly wind rips through Copenhagen’s harbor whipping the water into a frenzy. A couple of hardened kayakers battle their way into the wind. I eventually find the Urban Rigger’s construction moored at Refshale Island (Refshalsøen) afloat and remarkably steady considering the blustery conditions. Urban Rigger is yet another creative initiative addressing the challenges of providing affordable […]
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Copenhagen Containing Urban Solutions

For the last decade, re-designed offshore shipping containers have contributed to solving urban living issues in the wake of the economic crisis in 2008. The re-use of these 20 and 40 feet industrial boxes have spanned a wide range of installations that have become permanent features in our urban psyche. From innovative office spaces and recording studios […]
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Refshaleøen, Flying Under Copenhagen’s Radar

There are those neighborhoods that have the knack of flying under the radar, quite happy basking in the shadows of their neighboring districts. San Francisco’s Dogpatch comes into mind. On first appearances this earlier industrial outpost appears devoid of personality, but behind those facades is a beehive of hip creativity. The same can be said […]
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