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Israel’s Plads: A Public Square to Be Proud Of

In the summer, Israel’s Plads, <Israel’s Square> is a vibrant public square that brings together Nørreport’s local residents, co-workers and pupils from the nearby N. Zahle School in one tremendous mosaic of urban diversity. Located in the city’s inner city, the square was completed last year as part of an ambitious plan revitalizing this area. It […]
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Copenhagen’s Botanical Gardens: Blissful Sanctuary

Nestling comfortably next to Copenhagen’s busiest Metro and train station, Nørreport, the Botanical Gardens invites the city’s residents and visitors to wind down and explore its impressive collection of flora and exotic plants. With 160,000 souls passing through Nørreport on a daily basis, I have always been bemused how few of Copenhagen’s residents have actually […]
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