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Kulturtårnet: Above Knippels Bridge

Since 2010, one of Copenhagen’s most treasured landmarks, Knippelsbro, has featured on the front of the Danish 200 kroner bank-note, pushing other celebrated Danish gems aside. A few precious times a day the city’s bike-flow takes a breather as the bridge does what it was designed to do back in 1937, allowing ship traffic to […]
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Copenhagen: Under Knippels Bridge

You could be forgiven for confusing the name Rosforth & Rosforth with some illustrious Scottish lawyers firm, housed in prudent offices in Edinburgh’s Haymarket rather than the hip wine enthusiasts providing Copenhagen with biodynamic and organic wines from under the city’s very own Knippels Bridge. Since 2001, this novel location, literally on Copenhagen’s waterfront, has been supplying the […]
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