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Hay: From Local To Global

At the beginning of the millennium, a handful of brands based in Copenhagen, contributed in revitalizing a retail segment specializing in nordic contemporary, minimalistic furniture design and household products. HAY, spearheading this group was  founded in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay and have since seen their idea flourish from a modest local store in the Danish capital to a […]
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Copenhagen´s Street Food Blossoms

Visiting and tasting food from Street kitchens has been an integral part of most travelers’ trips to cities such as London, Bangkok and San Francisco. These metropolises with their vibrant, often mobile kitchens serving hand-crafted and hand-held food, create a close dialogue with the food entrepreneur and their customers. Copenhagen, so rightly renowned for it’s gourmet […]
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Founders House, a greenhouse for entrepreneurial spirits

Tucked away from the glare of street life on Njalsgade, Founders House has been blossoming for sometime now. This non profit project has been offering young creative tech entrepreneurs, a vibrant co-working space to grow, as what the team behind Founders House call “Start-up Village”. The concept, though not new, but it´s exciting that it is […]
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