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Copenhagen: A Sanctuary For Healing

The Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center For Cancer in Copenhagen beamed as the facade captured the rays of a disappearing sun. Shining in a sea of red brick, steel and cement, the healthcare center has been receiving cancer out-patients and their loved-ones, providing a sanctuary for healing, counselling and rehabilitation since 2011.

Copenhagen: Design Werck In The Dock

Copenhagen’s reputation for its furniture and industrial design is indisputable. For two generations Danish design talent has been lavishing an adoring global audience with intelligent, playful and sensuous objects that have become an integral part of Denmark’s and especially, Copenhagen’s international brand. Your average nordic consumer is well versed in Danish design providing a healthy […]
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Copenhagen: The KADK Library

Tom Waits once growled, “It’s colder than a grave-digger’s ass”, he could have been describing Copenhagen this weekend. The city has gone into freeze mode and thoughts of hibernation linger. The seasonal freeze has seen Copenhagen’s libraries providing warmth and solace for the city’s homeless and refugees seeking some kind of respite from an unforgiving […]
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Normann Copenhagen

Retail spaces devoting their valuable square meters to iconic designs within furniture and lighting are increasingly attracting more tourists than ever before. Any trip to Barcelona would be incomplete without wandering the luscious and atmospheric space at Vinçon absorbing 7 decades of design tradition. Now sadly, this design institution closed it’s doors for the final time […]
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