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Café Slusen, Probably The Coolest Place In Town

During a blissful summer in South Harbor, a small-scale construction perched next to the lock at Slusen, has intrigued passers-by and locals from the nearby Sluseholmen. All questions were answered when Café Slusen recently opened its shutters inviting a growing, curious customer-base to taste a selection of special beers and organic wines. Café Slusen maybe small […]
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Wecycle Copenhagen Has Come Home

It happens every now and then as you enter a space you know instinctively that you have entered something special. Walking into Wecycle Copenhagen, was such an experience. This recently opened concept store in one of Copenhagen’s most popular neighborhoods, Islands Brygge, has intelligently tapped into the soul of the city, by bringing bike design […]
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The Dinesen Showroom: A Masterclass In Storytelling

The earthy aromas of sawn timber hit me before absorbing the visual experience of entering the Dinesen Showroom. The bouquet of bark and wood transported me to distant timber-yards and walks in the woodlands of Galloway. Dinesen, the Danish solid wooden floor board specialists since 1898, are internationally renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, making […]
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