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Adieu Adendum, Entrer Au Bistrot

The wine bar and bistro, Au Bistro, formerly Adendum, has been providing Copenhagen a little bit of Parisian ambience since opening its doors in 2010. It’s slightly withdrawn location coupled with views over the harbor, have made it a popular rendezvous, especially for colleagues and friends to sample the excellent wine list that has a […]
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From Kihøskh To Rbabarrab

For Copenhagen’s residents, Kihøskh, really needs no introduction. This organic corner shop that boasts an impressive selection of international magazines, organic croissants from the bakery Brød, a world-class selection of bottle beer and a healthy choice of cactus for heaven’s sake, Kihøskh is no ordinary corner shop. This compact pearl has been attracting beer enthusiasts […]
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Copenhagen Containing Urban Solutions

For the last decade, re-designed offshore shipping containers have contributed to solving urban living issues in the wake of the economic crisis in 2008. The re-use of these 20 and 40 feet industrial boxes have spanned a wide range of installations that have become permanent features in our urban psyche. From innovative office spaces and recording studios […]
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