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Copenhagen: Krøyers Plads Rejuvinated

For more than a decade, plans for developing one of Copenhagen’s most prestigious and historical waterfront locations, Krøyers Plads, were continually rejected by local community organizations and politicians, vigorously believing that the designs were failing to respect the identity of Christianshavn’s waterfront. The bruised egos of an international and domestic architectural community had to take […]
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Kids City, Building Blocks In Christianshavn

With Copenhagen’s population expanding by almost 1000 new residents monthly, the city’s authorities, urban & spatial planners and architects are having to seek innovative and alternative solutions to accommodate the pressures of urban living, especially the challenges of providing child-care physical environments. Kids’ City, is undoubtedly Copenhagen’s most ambitious pre-school, day care centre and youth club […]
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Copenhagen’s transformation from an archaic industrial and harbor metropolis to an environmental and user-friendly city during the last 10 years has been well documented. The rejuvenation of the Danish capital’s waterfront, the pedestrian and biking infrastructure, the redevelopment of public spaces and attracting young families back into the city with contemporary residential projects, have become […]
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