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Copenhagen: Between The Rampants

Maundy Thursday and a silence descends on Copenhagen as the city goes into Easter holiday mode. For a nation that is probably the most secular in the western hemisphere, the Danes do have a sacred devotion to their religious holidays. As the city’s residents head for warmer destinations, the streets and neighborhoods are free to […]
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A Bridge Not Too Far

Standing on Dyssebroen, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, that connects urban and rural Christiania, I´m looking desperately for Copenhagen’s skyline. The only visible trace of the city’s contour is the twisted spire of one of Copenhagen’s most recognizable landmarks, Our Saviour’s Church. It dawns on me that I have never stood here before. A sense of familiarity and foreign at the […]
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Christianshavn: A Table For One

My colleague, Thomas, commutes to Copenhagen once a week from his home-base in Jutland, joining us at our office in the capital for 2 days providing him with a weekly challenge, “where do I eat tonight?”. Thomas has already found the perfect lodgings, Sankt Annæ Bed & Breakfast, perfectly tucked in Christianshavn’s historical heart, Copenhagen’s oldest, […]
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