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Wefood: Amager Take A Bow

For the past couple of weeks, Copenhagen and especially the island, Amager has been attracting national and international media attention with the opening of Denmark’s first social supermarket selling surplus food. With Danes throwing out a depressing 700.000 tonnes of food each year, the Wefood supermarket, run by the Danish humanitarian organization, Folkekirkens Nødhjælp has […]
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Copenhagen’s Lungs: Amager Nature Park

Amager, Øresund’s largest island, droops from mainland Copenhagen like some emerald earring, attached, but not quite. Today, Amager is linked by 5 bridges, soon to be 6, to its more prominent neighbor.  When I arrived in Copenhagen in the early 1980’s, Amager  was ironically labeled as “lorteøen – Shit island”, not only a historical reference […]
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A Bridge Not Too Far

Standing on Dyssebroen, a pedestrian and bicycle bridge, that connects urban and rural Christiania, I´m looking desperately for Copenhagen’s skyline. The only visible trace of the city’s contour is the twisted spire of one of Copenhagen’s most recognizable landmarks, Our Saviour’s Church. It dawns on me that I have never stood here before. A sense of familiarity and foreign at the […]
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