Other Places

cph_SF_00In recent years, Copenhagen has been a source of inspiration for urban planners, architects and spatial designers from other cities and rightly so. Although Copenhagen is the central focus for my blog, my travels to other urban landscapes, offer a fantastic opportunity to study how can Copenhagen be an even better place to live and work in. I make no excuse for my admiration and joy of living in this nordic capital, however recent trips to New York, Berlin, San Francisco, Edinburgh and London have also brought me into contact with engaging craftsman & women, entrepreneurs and projects, which Copenhagen could also learn from. I wish to share their visions for a more sustainable and enriching urban living with you the reader. I hope to link these international beacons with their counterparts from my own city, Copenhagen.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

2 thoughts on “Other Places

  1. Nice – Nice – Ilived there for 25 years and 5 years in Bergen and Silicon Valley. Now I am in Berlin and its great, too, but no harbour ;.( I was born in Hamburg near the Harbour. Back to Copenhagen, I can rememeber Frederiksberg, Israels Plads (there was an Institute Iwent to) and Noerreport Station where I visited K.I.S.S to learn spoken Danish, then Noerrebrogade with the old churchyard (which Berlin also has so many of) where Iwas member of KKA school. I have lovely remindings, thanks for triggering them 🙂 Michael

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