Guest Posts

Since embarking on this project in 2014, sharing Copenhagen’s wealth of architectural, urban, cultural and retail spaces, I have come into contact with a global community of bloggers, that tribe of curious souls with a story to tell. Fledgling and seasoned bloggers alike are always seeking to expand their audience and guest blogging is an excellent way of connecting and sharing with other bloggers and their readers. Guest blogging has its challenges, but with a few defined ground rules the possibilities are worth it. So if you have a story to tell that is related to architecture, urban planning, retail spaces or some positive aspect of living in your neighborhood then drop me a line at

Here are the ground rules for;

Title: Original and precise

Tone: Informal, informative and personal

Content: Original and proof-read

Word count: No more than 500 words

Photo credits: Preferably 2 -3 and naturally have the consent of its owner

Author: Name

Website: Link to author’s website