CPH Customized Guided Tours

philsspaces.com offers customized guided tours of Copenhagen, designed to engage and share the many wonderful places and spaces this city has to offer. From innovative public spaces, to a rejuvenated harbor, neighborhoods with their own distinctive local flavors and to those hidden gems that you wont find in any guide-book. Let me guide you to these places and tell their stories.

Corporate walking tours. Are you planning an excursion for your co-workers or looking to give your visiting business colleagues an insight into the projects that have made Copenhagen an international success story, then philsspaces.com can customize your tour.

Private walking tours. Are you planning a trip to Copenhagen inspired by its stunning architecture, the gastro scene, atmospheric locations for countless Danish TV & Film production successes? Then let me help guide you to these places that have made Copenhagen a perennial favorite and an international star.

For further information please contact Phillip at mills@mail.dk