cph_copenhagen_01Since moving to Copenhagen in 1981, I have witnessed the city transform from into one of Europe’s most attractive and innovative metropolis. And since 2000, I have experience the Copenhagen battle its way through a building boom, a global economic meltdown, a shower of Michelin stars pour down on its gastro stars and international accolades being held high for the TV and film productions based in the city. Today, Copenhagen is again enjoying residential expansion, especially the northern and southern harbor areas. The urban landscape being playfully shaped by creative architects and urban planners to suit the needs of the city´s quality conscience residents. Also Copenhagen’s harbor, has transformed from a static wasteland to a dynamic and unique recreational nerve.

This site is dedicated to all of Copenhagen’s future visitors, hoping they will spread the word what a great city it is. But also to Copenhagen’s creative entrepreneurs and provocateurs, pushing the boundaries making Copenhagen a joy to live and work in.

cph_copenhagen_02cph_copenhagen_03Photo credits: Phillip Mills

Useful links:

Cycling Embassy of Denmark

Danish Cyclists’ Federation

GoBoat   only in Danish

Go Green Copenhagen

Maritime Allotments


Danish Architecture Center


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