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Restaurant Vandvid, A Focal Point In Sydhavnen

Restaurant Vandvid. View from the deck. On a calm August day 2 years ago, a converted barge moored for the first time at the wharf, tucked next to Teglværks Bridge in Sluseholmen. A small group of local residents, myself amongst them, who had been following the trials and tribulations of the barge into a restaurant, […]
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Yum Yoga & Café, A Haven In Sydhavnen

Another cloudless sky and another glorious summers day sees Copenhagen’s Sydhavnen transformed into something that resembles a hip Mediterranean destination. By mid morning the first guests are finding their favourite spots on Teglholmen’s and Sluseholmen’s wooden piers ready to soak up the vibe and the sun. As June broke into its stride, Sydhavnen became one yoga […]
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Copenhagen: Trends & Traditions 2018

  As the winds from yet another “Beast from the East” paid an unwelcome call to Copenhagen, the guests arriving at the Locomotive Workshop soon found a warm haven. This iconic building drooling with authenticity and atmosphere, was yet again the center stage for the Danish furniture and interior specialists, Holmris.Designbrokers’ annual event, Trends & […]
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Copenhagen Light Festival

As the year’s first snow descends over the Danish capital, the city is transformed into an eloquent canvas for the annual Copenhagen Light Festival. For the whole of February, Copenhagen´s city landscape, facades, urban spaces and architecture plays host to an array of light installations that playfully challenge and engage its audience. The Wave returns […]
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Merry Christmas & A Happy New Year

Vegetarian Cuisine Taken To New Heights In Copenhagen

  How the culinary scene in Copenhagen has developed since the millennium is nothing more than a miracle, especially for the vegetarian, pescatarian and vegan community. Gone are those bleak years when vegetarians were subjected to one humiliation after the other. Today, non-meat eaters, with yours truly amongst their numbers, are being fettered with inventive, visually […]
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Copenhagen Dining Week 2017

Week 7. The calendar week that Danish families have penned in months before with the realm going into winter holiday mode. And while Copenhagen’s schools, kindergartens and roads lay barren, the city’s restaurants are filled to the brim as the popular food festival, Copenhagen Dining Week explodes into life. Copenhagen’s restaurant scene and food culture […]
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Eyja Guldsmeden, A Place To Dwell In Reykjavik | philscopenhagen

The Day Great Britain Became Little England

Last week I was fortunate to spend a few days in a beautiful corner of England, Norfolk, nurturing friendships and discussing the then up and coming Brexit referendum. Walking around this wealthy, coastal oasis, I noticed an unnerving large amount of Vote Leave posters, not one Vote Remain. I knew then we were in trouble. […]
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Rabens Saloner: Bohemian Elegance

To be perfectly honest I wasn’t to sure what to expect entering Rabens Saloner. For once I put aside my research and relied on a tip from my colleague, Jørgen, who has an uncanny knack of pointing me in the right direction of architectural and retail treasures. Rabens Saloner was no exception. Tucked away in […]
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