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Copenhagen: The Seaplane Has Landed

It came from the south-west, swooping around my hood, Sluseholmen, like a friendly bird showing off its flying skills. Copenhagen’s first seaplane service connecting Denmark’s two largest cities was about to make its first official landing. Copenhagen has at long last joined that exclusive club of harbor cities such as Vancouver and Sydney that exploit their […]
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Copenhagen’s Metro Art: Cool Construction

For the last 8 years Copenhagen’s urban landscape has been transformed as the city’s metro system is being extended. A further 17 underground stations are currently being constructed with a further 15 km of metro tunnel being added on the current line. Many of Copenhagen’s historical sites, squares and public spaces have and are still […]
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The Last Clip

On a Sunday afternoon in September in 1981, I arrived at Copenhagen Central Station for the first time to warm embraces and kisses by my future wife, Jette. She then gave me a gift of a 2 zone, 10 trip ticket, a kind of a welcome to Copenhagen and its public transport system. For 34 years, […]
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