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There’s Something About Bywater.

Far away from the December chills of southern Scandinavia, I find myself in a corner of New Orleans trying to make sense of it all. Nestling on the northern banks of the magnificent Mississippi River, the community of Bywater, with its distinctive architectural Creole heritage could not be more different from its noisy neighbor, the French […]
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Neoclassicism Rules In Copenhagen

A blanket of fallen leaves weave golden hues hailing in an Autumn season in Kongens Have, The King’s Gardens, in the heart of Copenhagen. The former summer palace and now a popular culture-café, Herkules Pavillion, is preparing to close down for the winter. A hint of hibernation is in the air. A walk along the […]
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Copenhagen: A Sanctuary For Healing

The Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center For Cancer in Copenhagen beamed as the facade captured the rays of a disappearing sun. Shining in a sea of red brick, steel and cement, the healthcare center has been receiving cancer out-patients and their loved-ones, providing a sanctuary for healing, counselling and rehabilitation since 2011.

Copenhagen’s Green Roof-tops

The skies above The National Archives green roof-top in central Copenhagen were layered in different shades of charcoal grey. A sudden gush of a cold wind and then a downpour that had tourists, locals and yours truly scurrying for shelter. Volatile deluges like this one, especially during the summer months, have in recent years become more […]
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Egils Deli: A Slice Of Provence

With the summer holidays moving into gear, Islands Brygge’s harbor front transforms into one of Copenhagen’s favorite playgrounds, with a mix of beach volley, fearless skateboarders and the odd traceur going through their Parkour motions. The queues growing outside this harbor front’s cafés, bistros and delicatessens indicate how popular this neighborhood has become. Islands Brygge became one delicatessen […]
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Esplanaden, A Street With A Historic Pedigree

Every major European city probably has its own version of Esplanaden, although few thoroughfares have Esplanaden’s historic pedigree, with over 300 years of architectural styles represented on one of Copenhagen’s most iconic streets. A former military route to the Citadel, Esplanaden, stretching from Store Kongensgade to the waterfront at Nordre Toldbod, parades its excellent urban […]
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A Place In Copenhagen Worth Remembering

The 4th. Friday after Easter, Denmark closes down to celebrate All Prayers Day and Copenhagen this year, blessed with a sky so crisp, so blue, paraded its virtues with its usual panache. As many of the city’s visitors found themselves taking selfies under bushy clouds of pink cherry blossom in the parks and cemeteries, local residents […]
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The Cisterns: That Dream Of Peace

The Cisterns in Søndermarken have done it again. This unique exhibition space has found a worthy successor to follow last years wonderful Cronhammer’s installation, H. The Danish artist, Eva Koch has composed a poetic installation, That Dream Of Peace utilizing the dark and damp of the catacombs of The Cisterns. Eva’s work brings into play the symbols […]
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Copenhagen’s Lungs: Amager Nature Park

Amager, Øresund’s largest island, droops from mainland Copenhagen like some emerald earring, attached, but not quite. Today, Amager is linked by 5 bridges, soon to be 6, to its more prominent neighbor.  When I arrived in Copenhagen in the early 1980’s, Amager  was ironically labeled as “lorteøen – Shit island”, not only a historical reference […]
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Dostoevsky In The Cemetery

A crisp and raw evening in February and I find myself on the second row in the Chapel in Assistens Cemetery in Copenhagen. The Chapel, now home to The Culture Center Assistens and I’m being drawn into the dark and intense universe of Dostoevsky and one of his final classics, A Gentle Spirit. The compact scene is […]
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