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South Harbour’s Fiskerihavn Revisited

As I come to terms with re-modelling my day-to-day life, limited by a COVID-19 induced lock-down now going into it’s seventh week, I’m re-discovering the pleasures of exploring my neighborhood, Copenhagen’s one and only, South Harbour. My daily excursions into South Harbour’s every nook and cranny,  I discover a world coming to terms with Copenhagen’s urban […]
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Resetting The Mind & Body In Båstad

As Copenhagen’s residents head for the slopes of the Alps or for more tropical destinations for the February winter break, I make my own short journey over to Båstad on the Swedish south-west coast to indulge in my first winter sea-bathing. This popular coastal resort famed for its long stretches of sandy beaches, has been […]
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The Wadden Sea Centre

Standing at the gateway to Denmark’s largest national park, the wetlands of the Wadden Sea, I’m immediately struck by the volume and size of the sky and the immense thatched roof of The Wadden Sea Centre, nestling in perfect harmony under it. These vast coastal wetlands, stretching from the southern part of Jutland in Denmark, through […]
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