A New Culinary Experience In Sydhavnen

Spisestuen in Sydhavnen

According to my calendar, I should have been roaming the streets of Porto in search of the city’s best Pastéis de Nata, but as COVID-19 put those plans to the sword, I find myself in my own hood, Sydhavnen about to discover a gourmet and wine experience I never thought possible on Borgbjergsvej. Having lived in this neighborhood for over 35 years, Borgbjergsvej could not be described as a culinary destination. Spisestuen is about to change that. Magnus Fredlund and Mathias Smed, two young, yet experienced chefs from Copenhagen’s gastro scene are the culinary entrepreneurs behind this ambitious project. Spisestuen recently opened its doors, delayed by the corona virus, probably apprehensive about the local reception.

However, the word was out that something special was happening on Borgbjergsvej and the local community have embraced Spisestuen’s food and wine concept based on organic and bio-dynamic principles.Despite the spatial tightness of the restaurant, Magnus and Mathias have succeeded in creating a dining interior that feels engaging and not exclusive, a feature that resonates with Sydhavnen’s diverse residents.

Borgbjergsvej is facing challenges with the construction of the new Metro station that has disrupted its commercial and social development. However, Spisestuen along with the organic bakery, Bagerdygtigt are projects that are attracting attention far and wide and it is well deserved. Welcome to 2450!

Image & Content: Phillip Millis

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