Copenhagen’s Lille Langebro Deserves A Fanfare

The Lille Langebro, Copenhagen

The Lille Langebro connecting Vester Voldgade and Langebrogade

I’m standing at the ferry terminal between The Royal Library and BLOX in Copenhagen’s inner harbor admiring the display of bridges linking central Copenhagen to the island of Amager. Within a range of just 710 meters, Knippels Bro, Cirkelbroen and Langebro have now been joined by Lille Langebro, the third bike and pedestrian bridge constructed in recent years, keeping the Danish capital at the forefront of urban mobility. Surprisingly, unlike other initiatives, the opening of Lille Langebro was a low-key affair. No red ribbon affair and not a balloon or a mayor in sight. Surely Copenhagen’s Lille Langebro deserves a fanfare.

The Lille Langebro, Copenhagen

The Lille Langebro spanning the inner harbor

Copenhagen’s comprehensive network of bike lanes

Lille Langebro is a welcome addition to Copenhagen’s already comprehensive network of bike lanes and it is clearly designed to relieve the neighboring Langebro with its daily 40.000 commuting cyclists. The bridge twirls its 175 meters like a metal woven ribbon, connecting the rejuvenated Vester Voldgade with BLOX strutting its stuff on the waterfront to Langebrogade and the popular Islands Brygge. Lille Langebro, donated by Realdania, who have been involved in several projects in Copenhagen, including BLOX. The international team behind the project was comprised BuroHappold Engineering, WilkinsonEyre and Urban Agency.

The Lille Langebro, Copenhagen

The Lille Langebro twirls like a metal ribbon

Danish bank notes featuring iconic bridges

With the Municipality of Copenhagen continuing to invest a cycle infrastructure to meet the city’s climate goals, the Lille Langebro is a welcome addition. Between 2009 – 2011, Denmark’s National Bank issued new bank notes featuring Danish bridges designed by Karin Birgitte Lund, empathizing how dear Danes regard their architectural heritage and  iconic bridges.

The Lille Langebro, Copenhagen

The Lille Langebro, the view from Langebrogade

Content & Images: Phillip Mills


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