Restaurant Vandvid, A Focal Point In Sydhavnen

Restaurant Vandvid
Restaurant Vandvid. View from the deck.

On a calm August day 2 years ago, a converted barge moored for the first time at the wharf, tucked next to Teglværks Bridge in Sluseholmen. A small group of local residents, myself amongst them, who had been following the trials and tribulations of the barge into a restaurant, followed the day’s event with anticipation. The arrival of Restaurant Vandvid, in the blossoming neighborhoods of Sluseholmen and Teglholmen, gave the local residents a focal point to meet and eat or simply enjoy the maritime atmosphere on deck or in the floating herbal garden, the first of its kind in Copenhagen’s harbor.

Restaurant Vandvid's floating herbal garden

Restaurant Vandvid’s floating herbal garden

The best vegetarian cutlets in town.

The entrepreneural crew behind this sympathetic project, Jens Emil Nielsen, Ivan Nielsen and Dorrit Saietz bring to the table not only a wealth of creative culinary ideas, but probably the best vegetarian cutlets in Copenhagen. The restaurant’s concept is based on using fresh organic local produce and bio-dynamic wine & beer. Seating 70, the restaurant also provides a venue where local residents can arrange parties and it is not an uncommon sight finding a blushing bride in the herbal garden or the restaurant staging yet another popular jazz event. With an eye for detail, even the ceramics are specially designed and hand-painted by the Danish designer, craftsman and potter, Niels Refsgaard.

Restaurant Vandvid's ceramic designed and hand-painted by Niels Refsgaard

Restaurant Vandvid’s ceramic designed and hand-painted by Niels Refsgaard

A welcome focal point in Sydhavnen

For any neighborhood to grow and develop into a vibrant community that offers more than standard solutions for its local residents and visitors, then Restaurant Vandvid and its delightful crew, are a perfect example why more and more curious souls are discovering this engaging neighborhood. Tourist organizations are now looking to attract visitors away from Copenhagen’s usual locations, especially with Sluseholmen attracting headlines around the globe for its architectural and urban design. As I sit in the herbal garden, bopping on the water on another gorgeous summers evening I raise my glass to this wonderful focal point in Sydhavnen.

Restaurant Vandvid Sluseholmen CopenhagenOn deck at Restaurant Vanvid

Content & Images: Phillip Mills

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