CPH Light Festival: Between Light And Darkness

CPH Light Festival: Christiansborg Palace 01

The Tower of Christiansborg Palace Image Credits: Kim Matthai Leland

There is something fundamentally optimistic about February. Bitterly cold temperatures may tell another story, but undoubtedly, daylight time is winning its eternal winter struggle with darkness. Copenhagen at dusk is a magical place to be during those serene moments when the sun dips under the horizon casting the last available rays of sunlight on the city’s towers, spires, rooftops and under the arches of countless bridges. This is the back-drop to the CPH Light Festival supported and sponsored by the Danish Center for Light. Building on last year’s success, CPH Light Festival utilizes Copenhagen’s unique urban and harbor landscape with 30 light installations. From Refshaleøen to Islands Brygge, these works of light design and art will interact with commuters, curious locals and tourists from the 1st. – 24th. February.

CPH Light Festival: Taraxa

Taraxa. Image Credits: Kim Matthai Leland

This popular cultural annual event provides an exciting platform for both established Danish light designers and artists, such as, Vertigo, Jesper Kongshaug and Mads Vegas to international talents as Gun Gordillo.

CPH Light Festival: The Tower of Christiansborg Palace

The Tower of Christiansborg Palace: Image Credits: Kim Matthai Leland

For a city that is generally reluctant to illuminate its historical and notable landmarks it is refreshing, that for 23 days a year, Copenhagen’s city-dwellers have an opportunity to witness the city’s silhouette transform, especially the Tower of Christainsborg Palace. Probably the most spectacular installation in CPH Light Festival is to be found on Refshaleøen, the former shipyard and now a vibrant hub for Copenhagen’s creative souls. The artist group Vertigo who have contributed to earlier festivals, celebrate Refshaleøen’s past glory with EKKO, 4 light and audio masts towering 30 meters high. A visual and audio experience not to be missed.

To discover more about this event download the CPH Light Festival free app and explore the mysteries of light and shadow in Copenhagen’s urban and harbor landscape.

CPH Light Festival: EKKO

EKKO. Image Credits: Kim Matthai Leland

Content: Phillip Mills

Images: Courtesy of the Danish Center of Light