Byens Hegn Arrives In South Harbor

Byens Hegn Enghave Brygge 01

Byens Hegn has finally come to 2450sv. The long anticipated M4 line, connecting Sydhavnen to the Metro City Ring has finally begun and in 2024, Sluseholmen will be just 5 minutes away from The Main Railway Station.

Byens Hegn Enghave Brygge 02

Since 2011, Byens Hegn has been a popular feature of Copenhagen’s urban landscape providing local residents, businesses and artists to express themselves. The instantly recognizable green fencing cum billboards surrounding the 21 construction sites has been a successful platform for Metroselskabet to engage with the local communities.

Byens Hegn Enghave Brygge 03

For the next 5 years, Byens Hegn have planned similar activities for the sites at Enghave Brygge, Sluseholmen, Mozarts Plads and Ny Elleberg. Enghave Brygge South, tucked in between Havneholmen and Teglholmen, is rapidly developing from an industrialle area to a vibrant residential, commercial and recreative neighborhood in South Harbor. Over the next few years this area will be home to 2,400 apartments and 1,600 workplaces. With the iconic H.C Ørsted power station dominating the landscape, Enghave Bygge South has become a magnet for Copenhagen’s curious residents and tourists.

Byens Hegn Enghave Brygge 04

During the autumn, one of the city’s largest building sites, the planned metrostation at Enghave Brygge South, has been fenced in by the popular “Byens Hegn”. An impressive 470 meter mural, wonderfully depicting the planets evolution, has transformed this corner of South Harbor into an urban gallery. The team behind “Evolution Part II”, Ulrik Schiødt, Peter Skensved, Michael Wisniewski and Alexandre de Givardier are all well known on Copenhagen’s street art scene, however Evolution Part II has taken street art to new levels.

Byens Hegn Enghave Brygge 05

So if there is a hidden artist in you or a local business looking for an alternative commercial platform, then contact Byens Hegn and put your mark on South Harbor. Contact for further information.

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Content & Images: Phillip Mills

You can find Byens Hegn at Enghave Brygge South here: