Copenhagen’s Harbor Alive And Well

Copenhagen Sydhavn

This summer, CNN voted Copenhagen the best city for swimming, again highlighting the clean harbor waters, beating iconic beaches such as, Bondi and Copacabana. An unforgettable summer in Copenhagen has seen locals and tourists flock to its sun-drenched wooden piers and beach-parks this summer. Stretching from Nordhavn to Sydhavn, the harbor has become one enormous beach event with its adjoining swimming pool where the water temperature has hardly dipped under 23° since early June.


The transformation of the harbor, from industrial to recreational, has become such an integral part of Copenhagen’s brand that global urban planners are still flocking here for inspiration. The latest beach park that is attracting local and international attention is Vigen, an artificial beach inlet, that almost takes you by surprise. Nestled between the developing residential area, Havnevigen, the oblong curved beach has become a popular haven for local residents and a yet another destination for visitors to marvel at.

Valby Park, a green oasis in Sydhavn, will hopefully be joining the trend in 2020. With the quality of water improving on the shores of the park and a generous donation from R98 Fonden, plans are underway to develop the southerly shore to a local beach park and hopefully the political resolution will be carried out in the Spring of 2019.

Copenhagen VigenContent & Images: Phillip Mills