Café Slusen, Probably The Coolest Place In Town

Copenhagen, Café Slusen

During a blissful summer in South Harbor, a small-scale construction perched next to the lock at Slusen, has intrigued passers-by and locals from the nearby Sluseholmen. All questions were answered when Café Slusen recently opened its shutters inviting a growing, curious customer-base to taste a selection of special beers and organic wines. Café Slusen maybe small in size, but coupled with an impressive waterfront outdoor-seating experience with a view of Copenhagen’s skyline, the café’s size fades serenely into the background.

Copenhagen, Café Slusen
Probably the coolest place in town.
The team behind South harbor’s latest café haunt, was a collaboration between Fokstrot, known for their innovative design and production projects and the boat-builders and harbor developers, known for their craftsmanship, Geisler & Nørgaard. Both companies are based at Slusen and have over recent years, established a growing reputation for creating projects that tap into Copenhagen’s maritime heritage. As Lauge Falkentorp, a boat-builder from Fokstrot, told me, the Café Slusen, was a creative collaboration that will hopefully inspire other initiatives along Copenhagen’s 42km long waterfront. It is projects like this that continue to establish South Harbor’s reputation as a neighborhood well worth a visit.

As Sam behind the bar poured another Pale Ale, it was time to sit and raise a glass to probably the coolest café in town. Café Slusen is open from Tuesday to Sunday, 10am – 10pm.

Content & Images: Phillip Mills