The Dinesen Showroom: A Masterclass In Storytelling

Dinesen Showroom, CopenhagenThe earthy aromas of sawn timber hit me before absorbing the visual experience of entering the Dinesen Showroom. The bouquet of bark and wood transported me to distant timber-yards and walks in the woodlands of Galloway. Dinesen, the Danish solid wooden floor board specialists since 1898, are internationally renowned for their craftsmanship and quality, making them an architects’ favorite choice. The family-owned company opened the showroom in November 2014, bringing their timber story to the heart of Copenhagen.

A masterclass in storytelling

The showroom is quite simply a masterclass in storytelling, evoking the process of a fallen oak through to the final end product, which I discovered is much more than Douglas fir wooden planks. The 600m² are intelligently arranged, displaying 1:1 scale scenarios for other design interior solutions using wood.

A footprint of excellence

Dinesen collaborated with OEO Studio in the design of the showroom, which bears their hallmark for their passion for space crafted in natural materials, designed to engage and embrace the user. The Copenhagen based team, formed by Thomas Lykke and Anne-Marie Buemann, are quietly building a strong portfolio of internationally acclaimed interior projects that bear the same high quality as the Dinesen Showroom. For visiting architects and interior designers wanting to experience a footprint of excellence, the Dinesen Showroom, should be high on your list.

Dinesen Showroom, Copenhagen

Content & Images: Phillip Mills

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