The Krane, Re-defining Copenhagen’s Waterfront

The Krane. Re-defining Copenhagen's Waterfront

The setting was befitting a dramatic scene from yet another nordic TV production and with a wind verging on gale-force accompanied with unrepentant rain, only added to the drama. The location, The Krane, stood majestic and very inviting against a sky so black emphasizing the theme of this innovative project. Secluded in an industrial landscape in Copenhagen’s northern harbor, Nordhavn, which is rapidly succumbing to urban development, The Krane, signals a welcome transformation. A former coal crane, The Krane has been meticulously converted into a luxurious retreat & living space, lounge, spa, conference room and terrace, which all can be booked separately, opened this summer

Contemporary and yet something more

The owner and property developer behind this inspired project, Klaus Kastberg is no stranger to Copenhagen’s waterfront, contributing to the harbor’s more innovative projects such as Paper Island and The Silo. Teamed with Mads Møller from Arcgency, Klaus has taken this latest “rejuvenation” literally to new heights. Ascending from the ground floor, each custom-made space pays homage to two themes, its history and the view. With coal playing such a vibrant role, Arcgency tuned into black has its major theme throughout the construction, which enhances a sense of tranquility. The transformation is contemporary and yet something much more. An aesthetic playground where the senses are allowed to explore. Roaming from one space to another, the views of Copenhagen’s harbor from this remote vantage point are a constant theme and an angry sky only adds to the experience.

The Krane. Re-defining Copenhagen's Waterfront

Re-defining Copenhagen’s waterfront

With Copenhagen undergoing a massive upgrading of the hotel sector, it is wholly refreshing that projects like The Krane are offering visitors a unique retreat experience. Joyfully, construction cranes are punctuating Copenhagen’s skyline, but there are few that are re-defining the waterfront more than The Krane.


12 years ago, I was privileged to be given a tour of another crane by Klaus, who had converted it into a flamboyant signing-off space for the projects he was involved in. His passion for developing Copenhagen’s waterfront coupled with his coperation with talented studios, such as Arcgency, bodes well for the future. Thanks to Klaus, Mads and Simon for a unforgetable tour. And to DAC for making it possible.

Content credits: Phillip Mills

Image credits: Rasmus Hjortshøj of COAST Studio.

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