Copenhagen: A Sanctuary For Healing

CPH_CH_01The Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center For Cancer in Copenhagen beamed as the facade captured the rays of a disappearing sun. Shining in a sea of red brick, steel and cement, the healthcare center has received cancer out-patients and their loved-ones, providing a sanctuary for healing, counselling and rehabilitation since 2011.

The building, designed by Nord Architects, clad in aluminum and wood, is scaled to meet its users in an environment that is welcoming without the sterile atmosphere normally associated with healthcare institutions. The healthcare centre wraps around itself, like a supportive embrace, forming a courtyard in its core, where out-patients and relatives can take a time-out. There is no formal reception, no front desks to overcome, just an open environment where its users can come and go 24/7 and actively participate in their process of healing. The signage, playfully designed by All The Way To Paris, a Danish-Swedish design bureau, further highlighted a more homely and personal atmosphere.

Since designing the The Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center For Cancer, Nord Architects has specialized in healthcare, hospice and dementia care architecture, exploring innovative and pragmatic ways of designing environments that support interactions between patients and their carers.

Adjoining the centre, a small landscaped park equipped with an outdoor fitness area was in full use with out-patients mixing with local residents putting in a work-out. It is projects like The Healthcare & Rehabilitation Center For Cancer in Copenhagen that help reduce the stigma attached to cancer and its treatment.

A special thanks to DAC for organizing the tour and to Johannes M. Pedersen, from Nord Architects for sharing his insight into this sympathetic project.

Content & Image Credits: Phillip Mills

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