Sluseholmen Captured In A New Light

11 years ago, the first wave of expectant residents moved into Sluseholmen and I among them. There was a pioneer spirit back then that brought many neighbors together and formed friendships for life. And from a theoretical master plan designed in Amsterdam, a neighborhood and a community gradually developed that still attracts architects, urban planners and property developers from around the world. With the northern part of Sluseholmen now complete, attention is now focused on the development of the southern area and is in full swing. Thankfully, the property owners, Danica and the architect studios, Gröning Architects and Årstiderne Architects appear to be building on the experience and success from Sluseholmen North.

As we prepare to welcome over 1300 new residents to this part of South Harbor over the next few years, let us just reflect for a brief moment on why this part Copenhagen is attracting so much positive vibrations. The Danish photographer, Andreas Fog-Petersen, who lives in the neighborhood, has meticulously captured, through his lense, the essence of Sluseholmen’s growing identity, the convergence of a contemporary urban landscape with Copenhagen’s harbor and the almost untouched Amager Fælled.

It is especially Andreas’ winter poses that capture Sluseholmen’s melancholic atmoshphere stunningly that resonates with me. Andreas’ work is currently on an outdoor show in Sluseholmen and is supported by Kulturhavn 365

Content credits: Phillip Mills

Image Credits: Andreas Fog-Petersen

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