Röda Sten Konsthall: Purring Under Älvesborg Bridge

Scandinavia’s second cities are no longer flying under the radar. Aarhus, is currently wooing international visitors as the host as European Capital of Culture 2017, with an impressive array of cultural experiences on parade. On the other side of the Kattegat, Sweden’s perennial number 2, Gothenburg, has its own and very distinctive, Röda Sten Konsthall. This former boiler house, has been a vibrant exhibition center of contemporary and performance arts since the 1990’s, drawing on its raw and industrial identity, providing a unique backdrop for art, film and video installations. On current show is the vivacious, WE ARE THE REMIXa gathering of 8 international video works, challenging and exploring global identities, which echos and resonates wonderfully with the RSK exhibition space.

Despite the glorious sunny weather cascading on Gothenburg, it was enthralling to be drawn into the bowels of this remarkable cultural center. Finding the RSK is also part of the experience, purring under Âlvesborg Bridge. The RSK provides Gothenburg with a rare exhibition experience that competes handsomely with the region’s capitals, Stockholm and Copenhagen. WE ARE REMIX will be performed until 20th. August 2017. A special thanks to the team at the RSK for their warm welcome and invaluable information.

Content & Images: Phillip Mills

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