In The Hall At The Royal Danish Playhouse

Since 2008, The Royal Danish Playhouse has been attracting audiences to an array of classical and modern works on its 3 stages. The theatre’s success is not only what is happening on the stage, but its presence on Copenhagen’s skyline and its eye-catching location in the city’s historic districts and of course, the harbor.  The architects behind this magnificent project, Lundgaard & Tranbejerg, have been one of the dominant studios that have developed and formed Copenhagen’s urban identity during the last 15 years or so. But it was especially the hall of The Royal Danish Playhouse that has always appealed to me and continues to do so. Standing halfway down the hall facing the glass facade, Copenhagen’s harbor is laid bare as if the curtain had been drawn for another dazzling act. The intelligent use of materials and the lighting concept, from customized rustic brick for the internal shell to fibre lighting combines wonderfully to welcome its guests into a friendly public space and connecting to the popular promenade outside. The hall simply engages with its location and invites the user to breathtaking views.

Thankfully, the hall has a café and restaurant and is the perfect place to enjoy a glass of something cold and scan the harbor landscape before you. Lundgaard & Tranberg are also responsible for the development and design of the connecting projects at Kvæsthusbroen and multi-storey carpark. Who else?

Content & Images: Phillip Mills

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