Kvæsthus Pier: A Space For All Seasons

As the summer finally made a brief, but glorious entrée in Copenhagen, there is probably no better harbor space than Kvæsthus Pier, Kvæsthusmole, to welcome the summer’s arrival. This vast urban space, designed by the Danish architect studio, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, has been a popular meeting point for locals and visitors since its opening in 2016. The pier, with the harbor waters lapping at its three sides, is an integral part of the remodeling of the historical area around The Royal Danish Theatre. The pier, decked with small pavilions is an uncluttered 13.000m² space that has also become an attractive venue for outdoor events for all seasons, from the atmospheric Frost Festival in February to sports, street and cultural events during the summer.

Adjoining Kvæsthus Pier, is a wooden plateau, lovingly dubbed, “The Kissing Stairs”, which is more than a multi-fuctional urban space for romantic rendezvous. The construction is also home to a massive basin ready to absorb excessive rainwater and prevent major flooding, which has dogged this area in recent years. The final piece of the Kvæsthus project that deserves praise is the multi-storey car parking space  under the pier. The construction, home to 500 parking spaces, is a thoughtful functional, uncluttered space, that intelligently guides daylight to all three levels, producing a safe and secure environment. On and under Kvæsthus Pier, known also locally as Ophelia Square, Ofelia Plads, is a space worthy for all seasons.

Content & Photos: Phillip Mills

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