Monthly Archives: May 2017

Kvæsthus Pier: A Space For All Seasons

As the summer finally made a brief, but glorious entrée in Copenhagen, there is probably no better harbor space than Kvæsthus Pier, Kvæsthusmole, to welcome the summer’s arrival. This vast urban space, designed by the Danish architect studio, Lundgaard & Tranberg Architects, has been a popular meeting point for locals and visitors since its opening in 2016. […]
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Ribe: Light In Dark Places

My first cultural event shortly after arriving in Copenhagen in 1981, was a photo presentation, American Pictures by the Danish photographer and writer, Jacob Holdt. The presentation, documented 4 years of traveling in America, from north to south, capturing and recording the diversity and divisions of a nation struggling with its identity in the 1970’s. Jacob’s […]
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The Wadden Sea Centre

Standing at the gateway to Denmark’s largest national park, the wetlands of the Wadden Sea, I’m immediately struck by the volume and size of the sky and the immense thatched roof of The Wadden Sea Centre, nestling in perfect harmony under it. These vast coastal wetlands, stretching from the southern part of Jutland in Denmark, through […]
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