Adieu Adendum, Entrer Au Bistrot

The wine bar and bistro, Au Bistro, formerly Adendum, has been providing Copenhagen a little bit of Parisian ambience since opening its doors in 2010. It’s slightly withdrawn location coupled with views over the harbor, have made it a popular rendezvous, especially for colleagues and friends to sample the excellent wine list that has a wide selection that should satisfy just about every palet. Au Bistrot has also become a haven for locals living in Islands Brygge. The development of this area of Copenhagen’s waterfront over the past 10 years, has seen restaurants, wine bars & cafés in Island Brygge flourish.

The wine importer and entrepreneur, Kenn Hulsted, the man responsible for the Love of Food N Wine family, that boasts among other establishments as Bibendum, Falernum and Paté Paté, all leaning towards flavors from the Mediterranean, was also behind Adendun and now the re-branded, Au Bistrot.

As April springs forth bringing Islands Brygge´s cherry blossom into early bloom, the Danes, notorious for enjoying their rosé or Sancerre outdoors despite the fresh winds from the north, are finding their way to this gem. For those visitors planning to walk or cycle the Harbor Ring, Au Bistrot is perfectly situated on the route for a late afternoon glass or two.

Content and photo credits: Phillip Mills

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