Hay: From Local To Global

At the beginning of the millennium, a handful of brands based in Copenhagen, contributed in revitalizing a retail segment specializing in nordic contemporary, minimalistic furniture design and household products. HAY, spearheading this group was  founded in 2002 by Mette and Rolf Hay and have since seen their idea flourish from a modest local store in the Danish capital to a global lifestyle concept brand captivating a world-wide audience. HAY’s success is undoubtedly based on its collaboration with a band of Scandinavian’s and international design talents, making its products accessible to a savvy customer base. Despite an increasing online presence, HAY continues to invest its future on a strong physical presence with showrooms blossoming around the globe, the latest in Shanghai.

HAY’s flagship store in Copenhagen, HAY House, has been welcoming customers with an ever-growing appetite for Nordic and international design since 2009. This former apartment with impressive views of the Danish Parliament, Folketinget, merges a contemporary, calm retail environment with the original architectural features, such as the iconic staircase and the well-preserved stucco ceiling.

In 2014, HAY further developed its brand, with the introduction of HAY Mini Market, an accessories concept inspired by the thriving pop-up scene so popular in Asia. Thriving under the joint-ownership of Bestseller and its original founders, Mette and Rolf, HAY is successfully bridging the gap between interior design, fashion and contemporary urban living. Today, HAY is part of the Nine United family.

Content & Photos: Phillip Mills

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