Recycles: Craftsmanship And Sustainability Combined

It was the sign over the counter that caught my eye. The Raleigh sign in all its neon retro glory, took me back to my home town of Nottingham, when this bike manufacturer was the pride of the East Midlands and the UK. I shared my nostalgic story with the co-owner of Recycles, Mikkel Due, who graciously took me on a tour of their vintage bike frames, climaxing with a Carlton frame from the 1970’s. Oh the memories. I then realized this was no ordinary bike shop as I noticed a log fire in full blaze.

Recycles was originally founded by bike mechanics, Claus Hjelm and Henrik Storland in 2010. Today Claus and Mikkel, re-use frames and parts from quality bicycles found from all over Europe, then rebuilt often in close collaboration with the customer. Resulting in an unique, handcrafted bicycle with personality and soul.

The bicycle is an integral part of most Copenhagen’s residents DNA. For most it is simply the best way to navigate and transport oneself around the Danish capital and for a growing number an important fashion, political and social statement. Recycles combines craftsmanship, sustainability and simply a passion of rebuilding bicycles for Copenhagen’s urban dwellers.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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