Roast Coffee: Part 2

In 2015, Andreas Astrup put Roast Coffee on Copenhagen’s barista map with the opening of the coffee bar and roastery, Roast Coffee. Since then, Roast Coffee has flourished, serving the best coffee in a city where the consumers are renowned for their taste of a quality brew. The success has also led to a change of location, from the tiny coffee bar in Thorshavngade to just around the corner at the more spacious address in Vestmannagade, providing the impressive Giesen Roaster a bit more space to provide local and visiting consumers the perfect roasted bean. The team has also expanded, with Andreas being joined now by the professional baristas, Frederik and Joe, providing valuable information from drip coffee to getting the best results from your newly bought delicious dark roast beans from Brazil, Mantiqueira de Minas for your French Press.

However, Roast Coffee is more than a roastery and coffee bar. Roast Coffee’s ambition of supplying a consistent high quality product is inevitably based on its unique cooperation with the farmers providing the core ingredient, the coffee bean. The 50-50 project guarantees the farmer 50% of the retail price, well over the standard price in Denmark pointing hopefully to a fairer and sustainable future for the coffee industry.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills






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