A Danish Classic: Smørrebrød Diner In Copenhagen

cph_es_01Denmark’s classic open sandwich, smørrebrød, is truly experiencing a renaissance in Copenhagen with quality restaurants and cafés reinventing their own interpretations of this ageless meal. The latest homage to this traditional dish is to be found in the heart of Vesterbro, Enghave Plads. Enghave Smørrebrød opened last month sitting shoulder to shoulder with its equally hip and popular neighbor, Enghave Kaffe.

The entrepreneurs behind Enghave Smørrebrød, Nina and Esben have taken smørrebrød, a national treasure and created a local urban diner that is quickly attracting Vesterbro’s savvy clientele. Each portion is painstakingly prepared using quality local ingredients, such as the rye bread, an essential part of smørrebrød, baked at Brødflov, one of Copenhagen’s best organic bakerys.

Although Enghave Smørrebrød is basically a take-away, the interiors are designed as a small diner catering for 16 seating guests. The interior style is uncluttered with a hint of urban camper making it a welcoming, informal eatery.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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