Copenhagen Dining Week 2017

cph_cdw_01Week 7. The calendar week that Danish families have penned in months before with the realm going into winter holiday mode. And while Copenhagen’s schools, kindergartens and roads lay barren, the city’s restaurants are filled to the brim as the popular food festival, Copenhagen Dining Week explodes into life. Copenhagen’s restaurant scene and food culture has captured the attention of international foodies and headlines for over a decade now and Copenhagen Dining Week, now one of Europe’s largest food events, is a wonderful opportunity for residents and visitors to explore the city’s vibrant gastro scene without leaving a large hole in your pocket. Since 2011, Copenhagen Food Magazine and San Pellegrino, its main sponsors, have collaborated with a selection of Denmark’s finest restaurants representing everything from Nordic to international cuisine. Copenhagen Dining Week starts from the 12th. until 19th. February. The price for one person is 215 Dkr. + 25 Dkr. (administration costs). Reservations can be booked and purchased through

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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