Copenhagen’s Secluded Gem: Wilders Plads

cph_wp_01There are winter days in Copenhagen when bone-marrow chilling winds from Siberia relent and clouds evaporate. For a moment the city is bathed in February sunlight with a snippet of warmth. There are many places in Copenhagen where one can feel the teasing sensation of sunlight caressing a cheek, but there is no place like Christianshavn that invites winter sunshine as this historical neighborhood. Maybe it is Christianshavn’s canals, reflecting white, crisp light back onto colorful facades that date back 400 years accompanied to the sound of cyclists manoeuvering Christianshavn’s infamous cobblestones that evoke the feeling that Spring is just around the corner. The maritime atmosphere is not only captured by the bobbing masts of sail boats, but the former boat yard, Wilders Plads. Wilders Plads is home to some of Copenhagen’s finest restored buildings originally built-in the early and mid 18th. century. This secluded oasis has witnessed over 200 years ship building development, such an integral part of Copenhagen’s DNA. Today, the area is a mix of exclusive residential and office space, spiced with various creative and architectural studios and restaurants without loosing its maritime identity. Any visitor to Copenhagen, regardless of the season, searching for an authentic experience will be well rewarded visiting this gem.

Niels Barfred and Elisa Markvardt in collaboration with the graphic designer, Peter Lassen, have recently published the book, Wilders Plads: en del af Christianshavn, Danish translation only, which captures this unique area’s history.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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