Copenhagen’s Frost Festival: Braving The Wave

cph_tw_01The impressive light and acoustic installation, The Wave has arrived. Beached on Copenhagen’s most impressive pier, Ofelia Plads, surrounded by the city’s spectacular cultural icons such as The Royal Danish Playhouse. And on a bleak February late afternoon, with a bitterly cold wind ripping across this vast open space, this magical 80m long and 4m high work fascinates an array of onlookers braving the weather. A collaboration between the video and light installation group, Obscura Vertigo and the acoustic designer, Peter Albrechtsen are responsible for this interactive work, which is also an integral part of the annual Frost Festival that unites light and music in unique locations around Copenhagen during February. The Wave, invites its audience into a tunnel of light and sound that is activated by movement within the construction. At first it is the visual luring of light that draws us to this abstract gateway, then melts into an acoustic experience composed by the Danish artists, Solbrud, Rune Rask and We Like We. Despite a chill factor nudging -17°C, The Wave is a wonderful example of how installation art can engage with its location and audience. Experience The Wave until the end of February.

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