Eyja Guldsmeden, A Place To Dwell In Reykjavik


Reykjavik, 11.10 am and no hint of daylight. The rain is hitting this lava island with such anger that Thor would be impressed. Fortunately, I have found refuge at Eyja Guldmeden Hotel in the Icelandic capital, the latest addition to the Danish hotel group specializing in creating a hotel experience based on organic values and nordic aesthetics. The founders of Guldsmeden Hotels, Sandra and Marc Weinert, opened their first project in Denmark’s second city, Aarhus in 1999. Since those modest beginnings, Guldsmeden has blossomed into 4 hotels in Copenhagen, Aarhus, Oslo and Reykjavik, a rental project in the Côte D’Azur and a luxury resort on Bali. Despite this expansion, Sandra and Marc have retained their focus on the quality of their guests stay, rather on volume. A signature feature of a Guldsmeden stay, is undoubtedly the breakfast. Based on local organic produce, this nutritional start to the day should not be missed.

The owners of the franchise project, Eyja Guldsmeden in Reykjavik, Linda Jóhannsdóttir and Ellert Finnbogason opened the 65 room hotel in May 2016, converting a former office building in the Hlemmur neighborhood that brags impressive views of the Esja Mountain. Linda and Ellert have meticulously followed the Guldsmeden’s DNA creating a Guldsmeden experience with an Icelandic twist to perfection. The emphasis of the interiors lean towards darks tones, oak timber, warm ambient lighting to the slightest hint of Baliness decor influence. With Icelands tourism blossoming, the hotel offers its international guests an informal and welcoming stay. As the rain persists and the daylight hours on rapid retreat, Eyja Guldsmeden offers this guest the perfect refuge.

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