English For Beginners

Christmas Eve and Copenhagen feels empty as thousands of its residents migrate west to be reunited with friends and family on the mainland of Jutland. Today is undoubtedly the highlight of the Danish calendar, climaxing in one synchronized exchange of gifts under candle lit Christmas trees. Retailers in the Danish capital have witnessed a positivity this year not seen before economic crisis of 2008. December is also the month were consumer brands unleash their creative talents trying to outdo each other on the commercial front. In recent years, mega brands such as John Lewis and Coke Cola have charmed a willing universal Christmas audience, however this year it is an unknown Polish online website that has captivated millions of viewers on both sides of the Atlantic. The commercial tenderly, with just the right dose of nostalgia, shows an elderly pensioner meticulously learning “English for Beginners” before being reunited with his granddaughter in the UK. The commercial has not only recaptured the Christmas message of community and tolerance, but also struck a raw nerve after millions of families, especially Polish, are living in age of growing uncertainty after Brexit. The small company behind the commercial, Bardzo, must take great credit for creating such a worthy message delivered with warmth and humor.

A Very Happy Christmas.

Photo & Video credits: Bardzo


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