Ship Ahoy: Kahyt & Kaffe

cph_kk_02As tower cranes punctuate Copenhagen’s Sydhavnen, hinting at the intensive and welcome development in this area, there are still a few docks that are attracting attention for all the right reasons. One of them is Tømmergraven. Wedged between Havneholmen and Enghave Brygge, this earlier hidden dock has suddenly become a focal point. Today the Tømmergraven is home to 19 privately owned boats and barges, once in active service and now home to creative souls searching for an alternative way of living on the water on the doorstep of Copenhagen’s city’s center.

Undoubtedly the highlight of “Skibbroen“, the ships’ bridge, the name of this maritime community, is the former Swedish tug and icebreaker, Jungfruhamn, lovingly restored and transformed into a café, Kahyt & Kaffe, Cabin & Coffee. The word “unique”, an overused adjective by most bloggers, including yours truly, really doesn´t do this café and it’s location any justice. Despite a thick blanket of grey cloud hovering low over Copenhagen’s waterfront, Jungfruhamn shone like a beacon and a steady stream of passersby were making their first acquaintance with this recently opened little gem. Kahyt & Kaffe’s owners, Karen and Peter, not only served one of Copenhagen’s best cortados, but were a wealth of information concerning this corner of Copenhagen’s waterfront. Take a bow.

Photo credits: Phillip Mills

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