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Eyja Guldsmeden, A Place To Dwell In Reykjavik | philscopenhagen

Eyja Guldsmeden, A Place To Dwell In Reykjavik

Reykjavik, 11.10 am and no hint of daylight. The rain is hitting this lava island with such anger that Thor would be impressed. Fortunately, I have found refuge at Eyja Guldmeden Hotel in the Icelandic capital, the latest addition to the Danish hotel group specializing in creating a hotel experience based on organic values and […]
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English For Beginners

Christmas Eve and Copenhagen feels empty as thousands of its residents migrate west to be reunited with friends and family on the mainland of Jutland. Today is undoubtedly the highlight of the Danish calendar, climaxing in one synchronized exchange of gifts under candle lit Christmas trees. Retailers in the Danish capital have witnessed a positivity […]
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Copenhagen Contemporary: 88 Zebra Finches Take A Bow

As a teenager growing up in Nottingham in the bleak 1970’s, I often found solace in my mother’s small aviary filled with curious and chirping Orange Cheeked Waxbills and Zebra Finches poking their beaks into my pockets. These colorful, fragile birds had a knack of weaning a smile. And so it was again, albeit in another […]
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Ship Ahoy: Kahyt & Kaffe

As tower cranes punctuate Copenhagen’s Sydhavnen, hinting at the intensive and welcome development in this area, there are still a few docks that are attracting attention for all the right reasons. One of them is Tømmergraven. Wedged between Havneholmen and Enghave Brygge, this earlier hidden dock has suddenly become a focal point. Today the Tømmergraven is home to […]
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