Urban Rigger Afloat

cph_ur_01A northerly wind rips through Copenhagen’s harbor whipping the water into a frenzy. A couple of hardened kayakers battle their way into the wind. I eventually find the Urban Rigger’s construction moored at Refshale Island (Refshalsøen) afloat and remarkably steady considering the blustery conditions. Urban Rigger is yet another creative initiative addressing the challenges of providing affordable accommodation to an ever-growing student population enrolled at Copenhagen’s universities by up-cycling and revitalizing shipping containers. As CPH Village focus their ambitious masterplan with re-designed containers on-land, Urban Riggers intends to utilize the rivers, canals and the water ways of the globe’s urban settlements. Urban Rigger’s founder and entrepreneur, Kim Loudrup, joined forces with architect and Creative Director, Bjarke Ingels, at Bjarke Ingels Group, who are no strangers to Copenhagen’s waterfront, are behind the patented floating properties. The transformed shipping containers consist of 9 to 3 individual student accommodation units forming a common courtyard, a bathing platform and a laundry. The conversion of the shipping containers with sustainable and environmental friendly materials and technology is attracting global media attention as the project addresses not only student accommodation issues, but the challenges of rising sea levels threatening urban settlements. With Copenhagen having over 40 kilometers of waterfront at its disposal, Urban Riggers provides an alternative, economic viable and creative solution to solving the pressing challenges facing the city’s municipality.

Photo credits: Urbanrigger.com

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